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The Australasian Institute of Digital Health strategic plan for 2021-2025 was launched today with a focus on advocacy and member engagement to drive workforce reform.

AIDH CEO Dr Louise Schaper said the Institute was already working with many health professions on workforce advancement through accreditation and training. starting with the basics of digital health.

The nursing and midwifery workforces have started to upskill by assessing capability in public and private sectors and fixing a starting point to build programs for education and training.

It’s time to take this to all of the health professions on a larger scale,” she said. “We are already accrediting individual professionals in digital health and other moves include educating senior Board members and executives on what they need to know in their own businesses.

The Institute’s new strategy embeds much more collaboration and cross-partnerships to take digital health out to every healthcare professional, whatever level of knowledge they have as a starting point.

The strategy is publicly available here.

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