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It is critical for Australian health and care workers who use artificial intelligence to understand how AI will change the way they deliver care. In its paper Australian AI Workforce Insights 2024, AIDH says health and care professionals should know the basics of how AI works, and its limitations, including potential for bias.

AI has already been implemented in various technology solutions and settings within the health and care domain.

While this brings both opportunities and risks, it highlights the necessity for a digitally enabled health and care workforce.

Australian health and care providers require policies and procedures, ethical use, and legal guidelines to integrate AI solutions seamlessly, securely, and safely into health and care.

AIDH delivered the AI.Care Advancing Data-Driven Healthcare Conference in November 2023 where many experts and industry leader presented their ideas and thoughts on how Australia can move forward, embracing AI in health and care in a safe, effective and ethical way. The paper shares some of the key insights from the conference.

AIDH is committed to the goal of ensuring Australia’s health workforce is digitally empowered to provide connected care with confidence, whenever or wherever it is needed, including ensuring that the digital health workforce is well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of a digital and AI-enabled health and care landscape

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