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Heading along or tuning in to the Digital Health Institute Summit in Sydney? Don’t miss hearing from experts at CSIRO’s world-leading Australian e-Health Research Centre (AEHRC).

Total knee replacement (TKR) procedures in Australia have skyrocketed in recent years.

Rehabilitation exercises can support faster recovery for patients, but many people don’t follow an effective preparation or rehabilitation plan.

To help support people through rehabilitation, researchers at AEHRC developed Activate TKR, a mobile platform and wearable tracker. Activate TKR provides patients with practical information including physiotherapy demonstration videos, checklists, reminders and supportive information through text, video and audio. It monitors physical activity and chart progress toward recovery.

Supported by Johnson and Johnson Medical Devices, they recently completed a multi-site, multi-state, randomised control trial at four hospitals in Australia, with great results.

Tune in to the talk Activate TKR: Empowering patients in orthopedic rehabilitation through mHealth by AEHRC’s Deputy Director Dr Jill Freyne in Sydney to find out more.

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