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A future with precision health promises to transform the way we look at healthcare.

Healthcare will no longer need to take the approach “one size fits all” as our knowledge of genomics will enable clinicians to better diagnose and predict conditions, ultimately leading to better care for patients.

The possibilities of precision health seem endless, but there are many real-world data issues to be resolved.

Dr Natalie Thorne is the Scientific Director of GenoVic and will appear at MedInfo23 to share the success story of GenoVic, Melbourne Genomics’ digital health platform for genomics.

Dr Thorne was last year awarded the Telstra Health Brilliant Women in Digital Health Award and is passionate about the potential of genomic testing in healthcare.

“For nearly a decade I’ve been working on developing IT systems to enable genomic testing in health care. What does that mean?….people getting answers, getting more precise treatment, getting better care, saving lives and saving healthcare dollars,” Dr Thorne said.

“We’ve developed a nationally leading digital health system that enables these sophisticated and data intensive DNA tests to be done safely within the clinical setting.

“And this is just the beginning of making healthcare, informed by your genes, a reality for all Australians who need it.

“Our platform connects healthcare systems and simplifies one of medicine’s most complex tests.  It is now ready to scale out and become a critical piece of digital health infrastructure around Australia,” she said.

She said it was a journey providing many insights for countries seeking to mainstream genomics and pave the way for patients to benefit from precision healthcare.

Dr Thorne will appear on stage at MedInfo 2023 on Monday 10 July.

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