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User Experience Design Workshop

Date: Wednesday 3 April 2019
Time: 1:15pm – 2:30pm
Venue: Rydges South Bank Brisbane
Dress: Conference attire

A Focus on Mental Health
This workshop will explore a case study for improving mental health services. Facilitated by a mental health leader and members of HISA’s UX Community of Practice, this informative UX Design workshop presents a fantastic hands-on opportunity to work through the design process, develop practical solutions and deliver take-aways for future application.


Chris Marmo
Paper Giant

Data Analysis Workshop

Date: Thursday 4 April 2019
Time: 1:30pm – 2:45pm
Venue: Rydges South Bank Brisbane
Dress: Conference attire

Telehealth Evaluation and Service Development
A facilitated workshop analysing and evaluating telehealth and virtual care service data. A number of large case studies will be examined and worked through to help us evaluate and understand the service and care benefits in the services we operate. This workshop will provide opportunity to share your perspectives and focus on practical take-aways that may assist in improving your service delivery and support and justify future investments.


Matt Page Principal Project Officer, Clinical Excellence, Queensland Health
QH telehealth activity data collection methodology
Reporting methodology e.g. how data is presented back to workforce, HHS exec teams, and the department
How telehealth data is used to inform change

Dr Liam Caffery Senior Research Fellow, Telehealth Technology Director, The University of Queensland
UQ’s quantitative analysis and interpretation of QH telehealth activity data
Quantitative analysis examples include trending, data linkage, subgroup analysis, two dimensional analysis and multi-dimensional analysis

Leigh Donoghue HISA Board Member and Managing Director, Health ANZ, Accenture