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ATC 2019 presents the next wave in telehealth innovation

Embedding virtual, patient-centred care

The Australian Telehealth Conference 2018 will explore the future of telehealth and the possibilities for evolving service delivery through virtual care. A key theme will be design thinking, the approach taking hold of industries across the world. Health service designers, CXIOs, digital disrupters and clinicians from all fields are bringing creative thinking to the forefront of healthcare. ATC 2018 will feature creative, co-design approaches – especially co-design work implemented at scale.

How can we improve the telehealth experience through the patient’s eyes? At ATC 2018 we will illuminate the patient experience through four major pillars of design thinking: Discovery, invention, prototype and delivery of scale. Design thinking is here and in telehealth it can build a bridge to take us from the current reality to a new future.

At ATC 2018 you will meet Australian telehealth leaders and be part of the community collaborating across borders for change. The conference will feature:

  • Examples of successful co-design work implemented at scale;
  • An international showcase of stories;
  • The policy perspective and platform for change;
  • Australian visions brought to reality.

ATC 2018 is for everyone involved in the world of virtual care: Patient, provider and technologist working in one ecosystem and for one outcome – world class virtual care designed for the best patient experience.


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