We will build on Australia’s experience to date in telehealth, call centres, online services and digital applications, to demonstrate world-leading virtual technologies providing the opportunity for new services and models of care:

  • Highlighting virtualised care providing greater scope for medical treatment and care delivery from hospitals and clinics into the community and the home, reducing the need for travel and reducing cost;
  • Showcasing examples of practical implementations integrating telehealth and digital technologies into or closer to home through online consultations, remote monitoring, remote treatments and enabling better managed care and support;
  • Exploring “connected care” linking health services and social care allowing greater flexibility in areas such as aged care and disability support services, mental health, and indigenous health services and the increasing relevance of consumer-directed funding programs;
  • Discussing digital directions that are bringing people to the fore, making service delivery easier for both practitioners and individuals receiving care.

ATC 2017 will also feature the future of health and care business models and address some of the challenges facing healthcare managers, executives and policy makers:

  • Virtual care to deliver more advanced treatments and organisational cost efficiencies
  • Training and managing the digitally enabled virtual care workforce
  • State and federal government funding initiatives for telehealth and virtual care.

Australia’s most forward thinking, collaborative telehealth event will showcase the future beyond traditional health for industry leaders, digital entrepreneurs, technologists and researchers:

  • The latest on virtual hospitals, artificial intelligence, mobile technology, patient engagement and health monitoring;
  • Practical demonstrations of how virtual, mobile and digital technology is being introduced into hospital settings, primary care, aged care, allied health, disability care and community care settings.

We look forward to your participation and interest in an increasingly relevant and changing environment which will have an impact on how we work in the future.