About ATC 2020

ATC 2020 AIDH’s telehealth and virtual care conference will focus on accessible and sustainable healthcare in the digital age..

Today there is a growing focus on integrated, connected healthcare delivered through digital and online platforms. The evolving world of virtual care presents many opportunities for improved solutions and service models.

The Australian health and social care sectors are currently being reviewed on a number of fronts including aged care, mental health and disability services. There is growing awareness on climate change forcing us to consider sustainability of services in a different light. This is a time to highlight case studies delivering real change, as well as new and emerging services and solutions bringing promise in addressing the challenges of healthcare moving into 2020.

While the current landscape still has many challenges in the form of policy and funding, the ability to scale seamlessly and long-term sustainability, virtual care is no longer optional. It has the potential to transform the delivery of healthcare, making it more efficient, personalised and equitable.

This is your opportunity to network and connect with the Australian health leaders, innovators, designers and practitioners who are designing the consumer-centred healthcare system for the 21st century. ATC 2020 will be taking place in Brisbane from 17-18 April 2020 as part of the combined digital health series of events.

We look forward to your participation and interest in an increasingly relevant and changing environment which will have an impact on how we work in the future.

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