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Consumer Partner Scholarship Program

Full conference registration and $150 for incidentals

Applications close Monday 23 October

About the program

The AIDH Consumer Partner Scholarship Program enables consumers, patients and advocates who would not otherwise be financially supported to attend our conferences.

Funded by the Australasian Institute of Digital Health, the scholarships allow consumer and patient partners to take advantage of unique opportunities to advance understanding of the value of consumer engagement in digital health and health informatics, and the work of the healthcare sector.

Why is it important?

AIDH believes that patient involvement brings patients closer to the conversations driving the future of healthcare.

Meaningful inclusion can drive discussion and knowledge dissemination and widen research agendas to include patient-centred perspectives.

Involving patients can help delegates understand problems that matter most to patients and carers, and trigger collaborations in healthcare design, research, education and clinical care improvements. Recipients take learnings back to their organisations to boost understanding and collaborations that improve patient care.

AI.Care 2023 scholarships

We are offering four scholarships to AI.Care 2023 at Crown Melbourne from November 22 to 23.

Recipients will receive full conference registration, valued at $950-$1200 for non-AIDH members, and $150 for incidentals.

Consumer representation is particularly important at this conference as a main theme is safe, responsible and ethical AI. Sessions will cover consumer perspectives on AI in healthcare, consent, privacy, shared decision-making, AI transparency and explainability in healthcare and co-designing with consumers in digital health.

What does the AI.Care scholarship contain?

  • Full conference registration
  • $150 for incidentals

Application criteria

  • For Australian applicants only
  • For individual patients/consumers/advocates who would not otherwise be financially supported to attend the conference (e.g. through employment, a project, grant or professional source)

Successful applicants are expected to:

  • Attend both days of the conference
  • Provide feedback on their experience to the AIDH post event

How to apply

  • Applications must be submitted online through the form below
  • Applicants will be asked to provide a short 100-word overview of why they are applying for the scholarship
  • Applicants will be provided an opportunity to include a CV if relevant (not mandatory)
  • Applications close on October 23. Successful recipients will be notified by October 26

Apply for the Consumer Partner Scholarship Program

If you have questions, please email [email protected].