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Shifting the Dial on digital health in Australia

A strategic plan for policy, leadership, and advocacy across the AIDH

‘Shifting the Dial’ is the AIDH’s Leadership and Advocacy strategy that provides high-level, organisation-wide strategic direction and guidance to the Institute’s policy and advocacy priorities, and to the engagement of experts across the health sector.

The strategy has three pillars and within each pillar, three strategic focus areas.

These have been designed to:

  1. best focus our efforts on the areas of greatest need
  2. lead, elevate and move the national conversation
  3. achieve greatest impact towards ‘shifting the dial’, and progressing towards our digital health future.

The Institute wants Shifting the Dial to be a strategy by the digital health sector, for the nation.

The strategy has intentionally been kept high-level to allow AIDH Fellows and members – the pioneers and leaders within the digital health sector – to further shape its development and have input into how we influence the future of Australia’s healthcare system.

Our first step in further developing this strategy is the establishment of Expert Advisory Groups (EAGs), which will be the driving force behind the further development, continual refinement, and the delivery of Shifting the Dial.

Learn more about the Expert Advisory Groups here.


on Australia’s transition to a digital health future

Changing the business models of healthcare

Sector leadership

System harmonisation and accessibility

Consumer centricity and engagement

Advancing the digital health workforce

Building DH workforce capability and capacity

Addressing DH skill gaps and shortages

Health informatics professionalism

Building trust and confidence in health and data

Consumer experience

Connecting care

Data ownership and use

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