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Tim Blake

A passionate, innovative and values-centered leader with a desire to align business outcomes with strategy and delivery

I am the Managing Director of Semantic Consulting, a health consulting firm focused on leading digital change in healthcare.

I have formerly held roles as Chief Information Officer of the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services (and member of the Tasmanian Health Executive Team), Director of Rural eHealth Strategy at New South Wales Health and Strategic Advisor at Australia’s National eHealth Transition Authority (NEHTA) and the Commonwealth Dept of Health.

I have significant experience in designing new models of care, health pathways, medication management, care planning, clinical informatics (including emerging standards such as FHIR) and the clinical and cultural factors affecting clinical interoperability of health data.

I am passionate about activating and engaging patients, the use of mobile solutions in health, consumer health technology, precision medicine, consumer genomics and many other areas that are starting to disrupt healthcare in positive, exciting and complex ways.


Managing Director


Semantic Consulting

Favourite things

Soccer, running, genetic genealogy, red wine and digital health

I’m passionate about

My wife and children, making a positive difference in the health system

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