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Julianne Oorloff CHIA

My team and the precision equipment and services we provide empower our customers and elevate their ability to deliver on their mission of providing the best patient care possible.

Enthusiastic healthcare professional energised by engaging with people and building relationships. Unique blend of informatics, e-Health, project management and process improvement experience drawing on significant clinical nursing background.

Excellent working knowledge of community health care sector, with networks across e-Health and informatics leadership, health academia, primary care and a diverse range of commercial and not for profit service providers and vendors.

Strong belief in the value of person centred and connected health care to optimize patient experience, drive innovation in delivery of healthcare and maximise the value of the healthcare spend.


Service Delivery Manager


GE Healthcare

Favourite things

Sharing good food, good wine and lively conversation with my family; Going to the footy to watch my Carlton Blues; Travelling the world to experience and appreciate the majesties of nature and the gifts of history and culture

I’m passionate about

Being there for my family and sharing their successes; Working in healthcare and health informatics, improving lives in moments that matter; Always working on trying to be better, as a person, at work and in life

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