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David Wang

I work to ensure digital health systems are secure and designed to deliver the best outcomes to patients, clients and residents.

I am a Doctor of Medicine student at the University of Melbourne, based at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, previously completing degrees in Informatics and Biomedicine.

I became involved with AIDH through volunteering at various conferences. I’ve had experience in Bioinformatics, Web Development, and Data Analytics. My current interest lies in Radiology Informatics where I hope to use Artificial Intelligence on the massive amount of radiological data to optimise health outcomes.

I am the chair of the AIDH Student Network – a new AIDH Special Interest Group developed for passionate Health Informatics students all around Australia. My goal is to empower the next generation of Health Informatics leaders and ensure a competent future Health Informatics workforce in Australia. Since joining AIDH, I found the Health Informatics community incredibly kind and welcoming, I hope that the AIDHStudent Network also develops into a supportive community where passionate individuals can work together, share ideas and help each other achieve their goals. I’m also a member of the AIDH Vic State Branch Committee where I help represent student opinions, and provide the bridging link between students and Digital Health Leaders.


Medical Student


The University of Melbourne

Favourite things

Cookie and cream ice cream, delicious food and breathtaking views after a good hike

I’m passionate about

Travelling, AFL, Volleyball

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