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Thought leadership

The institute’s innovating health series has indentified and generated the following thought leadership resources


Australian consumers and digital health Australian health data series: Volume 1
This work has been produced by the Health Market Quality Research Program of CMCRC, as part of the Health Data Series. Volume 1 of the Australian Health Data Series is a key component of our research to inform and enable health managers and service providers to provide appropriate and effective healthcare, and empower consumers to play an active, fully informed role in assessing the appropriateness, cost and quality of their healthcare choices. Read more
Authors: Uma Srinivasan, Suresh Rao, Divya Ramachandran and David Jonas

Digital health tech vision

Are you ready for what’s next in healthcare?
Read more.

Injecting intelligence into healthcare – executive survey on AI in healthcare

There is no doubt anymore – AI is finally being embraced by the healthcare industry
Read more.

Accenture digital health tech vision 2018

The world has reached a point where technology is deeply embedded in our lives, and the lines between business and
personal are blurred more than ever. Read more.

National Innovation and Science Agenda

The world economic forum 2018 – value in healthcare report: Accelerating the pace of health system transformation

How can the world deliver affordable and quality healthcare for nearly 9.7 billion people by 2050?. Read more.

The world economic forum – empowering AI leadership

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the software engine that drives the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Read more.

Digital health evolution Australia’s path to the healthcare model of the future

Accenture’s healthcare transformation survey highlights the importance of a nuanced approach to digital transformation. Read more.

Innovating health: creating a new conversation

With thanks to the roundtable attendees, we present this overview of HISA’s first Innovating Health roundtable on the Culture of Innovation. Read more.

National Innovation and Science Agenda

Welcome to the ideas boom

Advances in technology are transforming just about every part of our lives, from the way we work to the way we communicate and access services. Read more.

A blueprint for growth

On 23 March 2016, Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) released an important national reform document: Governance of the Nation: A Blueprint for Growth. Read more.

HISA CEO Dr Louise Schaper on digital health innovation at future health leaders national conference

Louise Schaper, CEO of Health Informatics Society of Australia, addresses delegates at the Future Health Leaders National Conference 2015 at The University of Sydney, Australia. Read more.

How does the industrial internet of things benefit healthcare? Hear from Accenture’s Kaveh Safavi on the potential beneficial impact the industrial internet of yhings will have on healthcare.

The Industrial Internet of Things has the ability to disrupt the healthcare industry by introducing the capability for machines to talk to each other without human intermediation. This ability streamlines and improves the efficiency of functions in a way that would not be possible with humans in the loop. Read more.

Re-designing government innovation. Why digital government transformation must be design-led, not technology-led

Governments and their agencies are under pressure – from citizens, businesses and from within – to transform public services. Many are moving to digital channels as a way of increasing speed and efficiency while lowering costs. However, public service leaders are finding that as they move further into the digital age they need to orientate their entire organisations around their end users, or else their investments in digital are likely to fail. Read more.

How to meet liquid expectations in digital government

Three key questions public service agencies must ask to deliver a seamless user experience. In an increasingly digital world, high standard of service are becoming the norm and are being set by best-of-breed providers across all of our experiences – regardless of sector. People now have ‘liquid expectations’ and, for governments, this means the digital consumer is now the digital citizen. As agencies race to adopt digital to improve public service delivery, they face users that now demand the simplest, most enjoyable and rewarding experience they see elsewhere. Read more.

National Innovation and Science Agenda

The blending of health and human services with Jason Potts

Held in Canberra on 1 September, this invite only event brought together healthcare leaders with our innovation guide Jason Potts at a focused health leader lunch to explore and discuss the Blending of Health and Human Services.
Read more.

National Innovation and Science Agenda

Digital innovation and cybersecurity with Theresa Meadows

Held in Melbourne on 27 July, prior to HIC’s third day. This invite only event brought together healthcare leaders with our innovation guide Theresa Meadows at a focused health leader breakfast to explore and discuss Digital Innovation and Cybersecurity.
Read more.

National Innovation and Science Agenda

The internet of things with David Jonas

Held in Brisbane on 29 June, 2016. This invite only event brought together healthcare leaders with our innovation guide David Jonas at a focused health leader lunch to explore and discuss Healthcare and the Internet of Things.
Read more.

National Innovation and Science Agenda

The culture of innovation with Simon Terry

Held in Sydney on 17 April, our innovation guide Simon Terry facilitated a focused health leader lunch to explore and discuss “The Culture of Innovation” in healthcare.
Read more.

National Innovation and Science Agenda

Making the patient experience better. Design not engineering – healthcare

The steps for change are simple:

  • Look at the situation through the patient’s eyes
  • Empower the patient with information, understanding and choices
  • Rethink the steps to reduce the waste, backlogs, duplication and effort
  • Improve communication and understanding with everyone involved in the experience; and
  • Empower and enable everyone to deliver the right outcomes and to suggest better ways of working.

Read more.

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