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Fellowship program

Host organisations

Program benefits to organisations

The AIDH Fellowship by Training Program is a unique and prestigious opportunity for health sector organisations with established or burgeoning digital health and health informatics programs.

AIDH works closely with host organisations to identify specialised projects that will allow the organisation to benefit from having a FbT candidate join their workforce and contribute to the organisation’s focus areas and project outcomes. In a collaborative process, together we will design suitable work placements for candidates that meet the needs of the organisation and gives FbT candidates opportunities to utilise and develop their digital health expertise and leadership skills.

There are many benefits for host organisations providing work placement opportunities:

  • Existing digital health project teams can be temporarily expanded, offering opportunities to improve efficiency and output
  • New health informatics projects can be created and resourced
  • Up-skilling permanent staff through collaborative work with candidates
  • Future talent management acquisition

Our industry partners are crucial to the success of the Fellowship Program. Providing opportunities for candidates to utilise their health informatics skills and work on real, valuable and challenging projects will in turn develop their leadership skills as well as create tangible health informatic outcomes for our partners.

Host organisations

What’s involved

Once a candidate and organisation are appropriately matched, the candidate becomes an employee of the host organisation under a 6 month contract. The contract can be renewed for a follow-up 6 month term, if in the best interest of the organisation and the candidate. During their employment, the candidate is expected to achieve KPIs and contribute fully to the projects and work they are assigned by the employer. Following the placement, a final report is prepared which encapsulates the experience of the host organisation and the candidate.

There is no limit on how many candidates an organisation can host, and some have found value in hosting multiple candidates at one time.


Matching Candidates

Care is taken by AIDH to ensure candidates and host organisations are well matched.

We consider:
  • The immediate needs of the organisation
  • The culture of the organisation and its ability to mentor candidates
  • Type(s) of digital health projects the host organisation is working on or about to begin
  • Actual job specifications and deliverables
  • Candidate’s specialised area of expertise, level of experience and interests
  • Availability and location of the role

Matching is a collaborative effort between AIDH and the host organisation to ensure a good fit between the organisation and candidate.

Contractual arrangement

Upon committing to the work placement program

The host organisation will:
  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with AIDH outlining the terms and conditions
  • Pay AIDH a placement fee per candidate ($2,500)
  • Enter into an employment contract with the candidate
  • Create a job description and KPIs
  • Arrange payment of the agreed salary to the candidate

Ongoing commitment

Once the candidate commences the work placement

The host agrees to:
  • Offer a comprehensive workplace induction for the candidate
  • Provide the candidate with a mentor with appropriate health informatics experience and expertise
  • Create an environment for the candidate to develop their leadership capabilities
  • Offer the candidate regular feedback and guidance relating to work tasks and on the job performance
  • Allow the candidate time to engage in the AIDH Learning Program e.g. attend the Annual Colloquium and participate in online master classes and journal clubs
  • Engage with the AIDH FbT Program Coordinator as required
  • Complete an interim and final report on the progress and outcome of the work placement

The host organisation can decide if they would like to maintain contact with the candidate once the work placement is completed.

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