Modelled from the success and learnings from
the Women in Leadership Program in the US


Learning sessions


  • In person events
  • Online workshops
  • Webinars

Self-directed learning


  • Readings

  • Assignments




  • Small groups meeting monthly
  • Supporting each other’s learning

Executive coaching


Monthly 1:1 coaching sessions

Network opportunities


Access to the wider AIDH networks and community



Strong diverse leadership pool to influence the future

Depth of emerging workforce 

Innovation and different perspectives

Increase in productivity and collaboration



Realisation of potential to lead the future of digital health 

Developed a sense of influence and become role models

Empowered to bring their differing ideas to the table

See their abilities as leaders to support a growing industry

Our Coaches

Natalie Collard

CEO Quartz Group


Natalie is the founder of Quartz Group, where she applies human-centred philosophy and executive coaching strategy to help leaders optimise their potential. In August 2021, Natalie was featured by Industry Era magazine as one of the 10 most successful CEOs of 2021 for her work with Quartz Group and the dynamic range of executive experiences that led her to its inception.

An experienced and current senior executive and non-executive director, Natalie has over 15 years mentoring experience, including as a Business Mentor for APEC Women’s programs. Her career highlights include being awarded International Woman in Renewables of the Year (2018) for her work as Chair of Women in Renewables and EGM Industry Development at the Clean Energy Council. In 2013, she was Telstra Business Woman of the Year – Victoria (Community and Government) as a result of the business and industry transformation she led as CEO of Australian Dairy Farmers Ltd. Her commercial experience includes leading Corporate Affairs for two Australian States for an ASX20-listed company during a time of significant strategic realignment.  Natalie has significant experience working in government and defence strategy. In 2011, she managed an emergency post-September ‘11 arms control meeting of 32 countries in Paris and spoke on biological weapons at the United Nations in Geneva. Natalie has managed $1.2bn in corporate contracts and, as the Defence Department’s lead negotiator on security treaties, negotiated seven bilateral agreements including Australia’s first treaty with an organisation, NATO.  Natalie is passionate about supporting women to embrace and navigate leadership throughout their career journey.

More coaches coming soon

Our Mentors

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The Curriculum

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To be a leader you need three things: A desire to lead, a drive to move a group towards a shared goal, and a yearning to learn. Whether you aspire to achieve a higher position with formal leadership authority, or you aspire to increase your influence from your current position, the WIA Leadership Program will prepare you to embrace the leadership challenges that lay ahead, or in front, of you.

We use a developmental framework tailored for women in the health informatics ecosystem. You will explore, develop and distinguish the technical competencies and ethical values that comprise your leadership brand. Our curriculum follows three complementary pillars of leadership:

  • Leader Development: You will focus on developing your intrapersonal potential including self-awareness, self-regulation, self-efficacy, self-motivation, and values clarification.

  • Women and Men in the Workplace: You will focus on recognizing existing artificial and/or structural barriers preventing women from achieving upward mobility and the development of behaviors to help change and circumvent these as women and men work together.

  • Leadership Development: You will focus on applying leader behaviors in developing interpersonal potential in situations of social influence, relationships, and team dynamics to challenge the status quo and promote opportunities for organizational growth, innovation, and positive change.