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Digital Health Executive Network

Membership benefits


Dr Monica Trujillo, FAIDH, Cerner Corporation

Benefits of the Network

Benefits of belonging to the Digital Health Executive Network (DHEN) include:

  • Professional development opportunities – directly targeting your needs as a Digital Heath Executive
  • Exclusive online forum – frank and confidential dialogue with your peers, both online and in person
  • Access to exclusive invite only DHEN events – including two face-to-face events and various webinars per calendar year
  • Mentoring opportunities – participate in mentoring, leadership committees and groups to help influence and shape the future of Digital Health and build a stronger community of peers
  • Institute membership – with access to the membership benefits of Australia’s Digital Health Community

Are you eligible?

Please note there are eligibility requirements to join the DHEN. If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, you will incur a $50 administration fee for the review of your application.

Membership levels and pricing


Digital Health Executives Emerging Digital Health Leaders
DHE Membership
All inclusive
DHE Membership
Excluding events
EDHL Membership
All inclusive
EDHL Membership
Excluding events
Annual membership fee $1,400 $600 $1,400 $600
Opportunities to network with other DHEN members YES YES YES YES
Professional development opportunities YES YES YES YES
Access to exclusive online forum YES YES YES YES
Opportunities for mentoring YES YES YES YES
Independent certification as a Digital Health Executive additional cost additional cost n/a n/a
Invite only DHEN events (in person 2 per calendar year) YES additional cost YES additional cost
Invite only DHEN webinars YES additional cost YES additional cost
AIDH Individual membership YES YES YES YES
Subscription to Pulse+IT Magazine YES YES YES YES
Access to member only content YES YES YES YES
Discounts to Bookshop, events and Career Centre ads YES YES YES YES
Nominating and Voting rights for AIDH Board & State Committee YES YES YES YES
Communities of Practice (User Experience, Cybersecurity, Precision Health, and more) YES YES YES YES

Please note that DHEN memberships are not refundable once paid. Review our member types carefully before selecting from the above membership options.

Please ensure you check your eligibility for this Network before applying. For non-eligible applications, we will refund the membership fee paid less a $50 processing fee.

Have an interest in Digital Health Executive Network?

Are you an executive? Do you have any suggestions, ideas or would like to get involved in this community?

Want to join the Institute?

Do you want to join our community? As a valued member of the Institute, you will have a voice in shaping the future of healthcare.

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