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Series update: At the conclusion of the thought leadership series in 2021, the insights and learnings from the three events held in 2021 were developed into an insights paper titled ‘Driving the possibilities of digital in healthcare‘. The insights paper was formally launched at the Digital Health Institute Summit in 2022.

Click here to read more, or click here to download the one-page summary. To view the White Paper, click here.

Series overview

As the pandemic puts Australian healthcare services under the spotlight, it’s opportune for us to reflect on our collective strategies and priorities in care delivery.

Whether we are addressing the evolving clinical requirements for advancements in treatment and care, or meeting the ever-changing needs and expectations of consumers, can we be certain that we are considering all factors to deliver the best care?

Digital health clearly has an increasing role to play in enabling future healthcare services, models of care, patient engagement and delivery of customer service.

AIDH, in partnership with Cerner Australia, invite you to participate in a thought-provoking leadership series of 3 events to collectively look at the future of healthcare and digital enablement. This will be a unique networking opportunity to engage with your peers and industry experts, with a focus on health outcomes and where digital will play a role.

Led and facilitated by Simon Terry an experienced Board and executive leader working across digital transformation, health innovation, and collaboration, this will be an important discussion, networking and sharing opportunity not to be missed.

A key output will be a joint industry insights paper in 2021 – The possibilities of digital in healthcare: Action to outcomes – which will be shared with all participants as part of the series.

Attendance is by invitation only and places are limited. Please RSVP by emailing Greg Moran, AIDH Director of Strategy, at [email protected] or call 0488 700 016.

All three sessions will bring forth views from clinical, administrative and subject matter experts from across the health sector. We hope you can join us for this special event and contribute to our collective forward thinking in this important area of healthcare.

Series host Simon Terry, Chairman, Change Agents Worldwide Find out more about Simon

Series events

1. Driving practical insights into clinical data exchange across providers

The benefits of digital in healthcare are evident when we have the ability to share clinical information and data across services to support the continuum of care. There has been ongoing and significant work focused on data standards, common platforms and collaborative service models in the forms of health information exchanges. Additionally, there are a range of integrated care priorities and initiatives from many health service organisations, collaborative alliances, and targeted programs.

This session will provide an update on the current status of clinical data exchange and related initiatives and the outcomes and practical insights we are already seeing. Our exploration will seek to answer:

  • How can we leverage what we currently have?
  • What is the experience across acute services, primary care, aged care, public and private providers?
  • How do we address the barriers and challenges?
  • Are there avenues to better align efforts?
  • Where should we focus our efforts in the future?
  • What can we expect the future to look like?

Tuesday 5 October 2021
4:00pm – 5:30pm AEDT



Free to attend


2. Revisiting value-based healthcare

‘Value-based healthcare is the equitable, sustainable and transparent use of the available resources to achieve better outcomes and experiences for every person. ’ Over the last number of years, we have presented the opportunities of digital health and advanced data use in healthcare as critical enablers of value-based healthcare. Irrespective of the challenges involved in implementation, we need to reflect on the current situation and ask – are we there yet? The current pandemic has highlighted certain areas as stress points where improvements could be made.

Important questions that will be addressed in this session include:

  • Are we getting the best out of our investments and resources in digital contributing to value-based healthcare
  • Are we measuring what matters?
  • How are we adjusting to change?

Tuesday 12 October 2021
4:00pm – 5:30pm AEDT



Free to attend


3. Enhancing consumer engagement

Enhancing consumer engagement and patient experience continues to be an important area of health system reform. Improving digital channels for citizen access to health services is a strategic priority highlighted by several Government strategies and initiatives. Greater access to digital tools and solutions to better empower patients in their own treatment is a clear trend across the world.

This session will explore the many facets of consumer engagement, where our priorities are, and where they should be focused. It will address and seek to answer:

  • Have we improved in this area of consumer engagement?
  • What are the practical learnings from strategies and initiatives to date?
  • What are the risks if we do not improve?

Tuesday 19 October 2021
4:00pm – 5:30pm AEDT



Free to attend


This event series is brought to you in partnership by AIDH and Cerner

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