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XENON Systems

XENON is an Australian company with over two decades of experience in High Performance Computing (HPC) - compute, network, and storage infrastructure design, deployment and managed services. XENON brings AI to better meet patient’s needs and transforming healthcare, and ensures the success of its customers on their ML/DL/AI journey through Realtime, Image, NLP and Genomics Data Analytics, infrastructure and cloud solutions.

XENON is a trusted partner and a high performance computing consultancy specialising in advanced, customised solutions for research, sciences, health, and academic organisations, as well as other industries with highly specialised technical requirements and complex datasets.

Contact XENON to learn how the right infrastructure and software can transform your operations, deliver real savings over time, and accelerate your time to service delivery and actionable insights.

XENON can help you in your journey through access to free HPC infrastructure, DL frameworks and Accelerated Genomics Secondary Analysis tools.

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