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VitalHub Australia

Right Place, Right Time, Right Care.

We integrate digital healthcare services and processes through our collective of real-time, hospital patient-flow solutions, simplifying the complexities of data integration in planned and unplanned care.

Our award-winning portfolio includes solutions from Intouch with Health, Transforming Systems, Synopsis, Jayex Acute and MCAP. Together, we are playing a pivotal role in supporting hospitals, hospital groups, local health districts and health service partnerships to fundamentally improve patient flow and support better health outcomes for all patients.

Delivering digital transformation at scale, our range of innovative solutions includes tools to effectively manage patient flow, demand and capacity, discharge optimisation, whole-system visibility, reporting and analytics, patient activity, and operational processes.

We currently have deployments in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Tasmania, as well as over 120 hospitals in the UK, Canada, Qatar, The Bahamas and Eastern Europe.

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