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PBT Group Australia

PBT Group are technology agnostic data specialists offering custom-made Data, Analytics and IT services that transform information and customer experience to create valuable insights and drive business success.

PBT Group Australia is working closely with the Private Health and Social Insurance industry in Australia to ensure its continued relevance, efficiency and effectiveness for all Australians. We work to ensure sustainable efficient business processes leveraging our Automated Invoice Adjudication Platform (iMed). PBT Australia has helped leading insurers achieve over 96% Straight Through Processing of invoices with an 85% reduction in manual processing effort.

PBT Australia has extensive experience in both private and government sectors supplying key IT expertise across the software development lifecycle.

As a leading Data & Analytics and Information Specialist company, PBT Group operates in Africa, Europe and Australia, providing services and creating solutions that capitalise on data-driven insights, to make well-timed, intuitive business decisions that consistently position our clients ahead of the curve. Our worldwide expertise and regional specific wisdom differentiate us from our competitors.

PBT Group is a data specialist that takes ownership of your challenges – transforming your data into a tangible asset that will greatly assist in streamlining your operations as well as your predictive and analytical capabilities. With over 550 data specialists across 27 countries on 3 continents, we have a reputation for delivering above expectations.


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