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Orion Health

The world's #1 health data platform.

Most of you know us for interoperability (Rhapsody) or as an EMR provider —especially in some parts across the east coast of Australia — however, our business has pivoted and we are excited to introduce to the local market our global successes such as Integrated Digital Care Records, Transitions of Care and most recently Digital Front Door; a revolutionary consumer engagement solution.

Over the last two years, we have invested time with the industry to understand what problems are being faced across the Australian healthcare sector and align this with trends that we are experiencing in global markets, in an effort to service the needs of the future Australian healthcare system.

We are actively engaging new markets where we can facilitate a step change in health outcomes, such as Private Healthcare, Private Health Insurance and Aged Care.

We have doubled down in Cancer Screening and look to expand the success of our BreastScreening offering to include other forms of cancer at both a State and Federal level and looking for similar opportunities within Justice Health/Correctional Health arena to replicate the great work we are doing in NSW.

We look forward to working with you and helping improve the state of the Australian Health System, one population at a time.

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