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Transform your hospital's communications.

Medtasker is a mobile communication and task management platform that ensures the right message gets to the right clinician, the first time.

Nimblic, the creator of Medtasker, is a Melbourne-based health technology provider focused on improving communications for all mobile hospital staff, based on Australian workflows.

Our solutions are purpose-built to support 24/7 hospital communications and task management. Our unique On-Duty Directory provides a real-time, searchable listing of current working staff and their responsibilities, allowing Medtasker and other hospital systems to route alerts, notifications, tasks and critical results to the staff member or group required to undertake the activity.

Medtasker and the Nimblic team are uniquely placed to deliver clinical task management efficiency and effectiveness:

- Our team has over twenty-five years’ experience in the health technology sector including clinical, billing, project management, implementation, technical and change management expertise.

- We have an intimate understanding of the clinical environment, enabling us to provide comprehensive solutions and training to support change management and adoption of the system.

Our solution is proven in the Australian healthcare environment, with a live footprint at three hospitals in Victoria’s Northern Health network and a pilot at Redland Hospital (Metro South Health). Medtasker has proven integrations with a number of hospital systems including Active Directory, Paging systems, Patient Administration Systems (PAS), Scanned and Digital Medical Records (SMR/DMR).

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