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MEDITECH Australia (Pty) Ltd provides integrated software solutions to meet the information needs of healthcare organisations across the Asia Pacific region. The organisations we serve include hospitals, ambulatory care centres, physicians’ offices, long term care and behavioural health facilities, and home health organisations. We focus on being a lifelong partner for achieving excellence by providing worldclass products and delivering service excellence. MEDITECH’S product portfolio of Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS) offer solutions for ambulatory, inpatient and the continuing care environments. We have developed our HCIS with a keen understanding of the reliability critical to HCIS and the flexibility essential for information systems to continually evolve to meet changing health care dynamics. MEDITECH is unique because of the results and efficiencies we achieve for customers. We are the vendor healthcare organisations choose when they are serious about using their information system: to improve operations, better coordinate care, prevent medical errors, streamline workflows, hasten reimbursements and operate more efficiently. We endeavour to connect providers in sophisticated care networks through both comprehensive data integration and industry standard interoperability. Our product leadership is due to our relationship with MEDITECH Inc. and our local knowledge and experience. MEDITECH Inc, based in Massachusetts, USA, has been a leading vendor in the health care informatics industry for 46 years.


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