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MediRecords Pty Ltd

MediRecords is for Everyone. Whether you're a patient or a healthcare provider, we are the perfect healthcare solution for you.

MediRecords is Australia’s leading cloud-hosted patient management platform, operating nationally across the government and private sectors.​ A trusted partner to healthcare organisations, MediRecords services the needs of doctors, specialists, multidisciplinary clinics and hospitals providing virtual and/or face-to-face care.​

The MediRecords platform seamlessly connects clinicians, patients and partner organisations, removing barriers to data interoperability with our secure, open and connected architecture. Our Connect platform offers API and FHIR connectivity, and we use SNOMED terminology coding to simplify data exchange with other systems. We believe better access to health care data enables better patient health outcomes.

Founded in 2014, MediRecords was created to improve patient care while reducing costs associated with outdated technology. We work closely with our community members, patients, partners, and fellow innovators to continue improving the way healthcare is delivered for all.

As industry pioneers, we are innovative, forward-thinking and dedicated to powering digital health with next generation cloud connectivity.

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