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MedicAlert Foundation

For over 50 years, the MedicAlert Foundation Australia® has been providing first responders and health professionals with life-saving health information via our internationally recognised Medical IDs and 24/7 Emergency Information phone service.

A MedicAlert Membership gives Australians living with hidden or chronic health conditions peace of mind that their health information is easily accessed when they need it most. The MedicAlert ID is engraved with the most critical details, but also points to a more comprehensive online MedicAlert Record accessible to health professionals if needed. MedicAlert speaks for members at every point in their healthcare, from lodging a prescription at a new pharmacy, to an emergency situation where trusted and accurate information could save their life.

Internationally recommended by the World Health Organisation and the World Allergy Organisation, a MedicAlert ID provides quick, worldwide recognition of medical conditions, allergies, medications, or treatment wishes; which leads to faster and more effective medical treatment.


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