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GS1 Australia

GS1 Australia is the leading provider of standards and solutions for over 20 industry sectors. We introduced barcoding to Australia in 1979 and today we enable more than 19,000 member companies, of all sizes, to become more efficient by implementing the GS1 system.

We bring businesses, associations and industries together. This blended community comes to GS1 Australia for advice, networking and solutions to their supply chain challenges. We partner with, and help showcase, members, solution providers and industry leaders to demonstrate and encourage supply chain best practice.

GS1 is part of a worldwide network of GS1 organisations in over 100 countries and a global office based in Brussels, Belgium. As a member-based, not-for-profit organisation, our charter is to supply and manage barcode numbers, operate and manage supply chain standards accordance with our global GS1 system and to provide related solutions and services to our members.


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