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Digivate Health

Digital + Innovation + Healthcare.
It’s All in Our Name.

We’re a team of expert clinicians; ICT professionals; medical researchers; digital, cyber, and cloud specialists, project managers; data scientists; strategists; and health industry authorities, coming together to solve important problems.

We’re your partner in people-first healthcare.

We partner with small and large healthcare organisations to drive change and tackle problems, providing an unparalleled experience as the industry's most agile provider of bespoke and specialist health advisory services, addressing the needs of our clients and the local community in which we live today and into the future.

Digivate Health is the only female-founded and female-led, 100% focused health consultancy in South Australia, and we’re here to make an impact. Combining human insights with digital innovation creates a better health experience, one partner at a time. Whether it’s working with a large global multinational, or a small community NFP, we value the work that we do and the impact that it has.

Digivate Health specialises in:

  • Personalised strategies and tech solutions to navigate the complexities of the digital era
  • Reshaping health design and execution
  • Superior consumer and clinical insights
  • Data intelligence and analytics
  • End-to-end implementation support and program delivery
  • FemTech
  • Cyber security and resilience
  • Capability augmentation

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