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DC2Vue by Data Capture Experts

DC2Vue® is a Next generation EMR built to Coordinate care across the Hospital, Clinic and Home.

We are a leading Melbourne based healthcare technology company whose mission it is to transform healthcare efficiency through digital technology. Our next generation EMR enables providers to deliver high quality care, optimise workforce efficiency, improve care coordination, and ensure compliance.

Built for the Australian healthcare system, our next generation EMR automates workflows and communications to provide integrated referral management, EMR, treatment planning, scheduling, discharge summaries, patient portal, billing and statutory reporting.

Today with a diverse portfolio of care settings in Australia, over 6000+ users leverage DC2Vue® platform technology to deliver care in acute, mental health, community and aged care setting.

DC2Vue® and the DCE team are uniquely placed to improve quality, safely and efficiency of healthcare through digital clinical transformation. We envision a future where digital care coordination involves an efficient model that combines people, processes, and data to make improved decisions, be it clinical, operational, or financial. Find out more at

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