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Data Agility

Established in 2003 Data Agility is a specialist in Information Management and Business Intelligence. Our purpose is to provide services to clients that allow them to resolve business issues and improve performance through the effective application of data. Our fundamental understanding of data is the basis for our market leading position in enterprise information management. We believe that data and information are key organisational assets that must be managed to deliver business benefit. We focus on providing information architectures that “answer questions that managers ask.” This means that we take a data driven approach to our projects. We develop, design and implement solutions which focus on getting the right data, in the right quality, into the right place at the right time. At Data Agility, we maintain a culture of assured professionalism that comes from a shared ethos amongst staff to strive for our best performance on a daily basis. We couple this focus on personal performance with an eye on both individual and corporate development in both the short- and long-term. We have a commitment to quality that runs through the entirety of our organisation, from senior management through to our newest team members. We endeavour to bring in people to our company that can match our existing drive to succeed – Our confidence in achieving and maintaining this goal is continually renewed by the successes of our consultants and management, as well as that of our clients.


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