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More than just talking heads, Coviu’s solution is a spinout from the CSIRO in 2018 and is purpose-built to support the Australian Healthcare Industry’s transition to telehealth.

Coviu offers a web-based solution that fits seamlessly any healthcare business, large or small. We are deeply committed to innovation, research validation, privacy and security, simplicity of use, scalability and interoperability with existing systems.

Designed to mimic traditional brick-and-mortar clinics, Coviu’s platform facilitates in-call payments, online appointment bookings, in-call clinical tools, integrations with your practice management systems, digital prescriptions and more.

Geographical barriers no longer exist with telehealth, providing a range of benefits for everyone involved, such as greater access to healthcare services, greater flexibility, reduced cost and more efficient use of resources.

We tailor our product to suit your needs, and offer personalised onboarding and support throughout. Get in touch with us today to see how telehealth can work for you.

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