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Cogniss is the world’s first no-code app building platform that’s specifically designed to enable anyone to build a sophisticated digital health app. The platform offers a simple plug-and-play interface with powerful transformational capabilities - incorporating UX design, behavioural science and artificial intelligence - that empower users to build highly customised apps themselves, without the need for coding or design skills. Apps built on Cogniss can iteratively be made much more effective than custom developed apps. Cogniss powered apps also cost significantly less than custom-built apps, and can be launched in days rather than months or years.

The Cogniss platform is the product of continuous technological and scientific R&D commenced in 2016 by 2and2, an internationally acclaimed educational games company that has been developing complex health and behavior change applications since 2004. The innovative team behind 2and2 and Cogniss has won 60+ awards across USA, UK and Australia for their groundbreaking and innovative work. Cogniss customers range from blue-chip enterprises to startups, government departments and major not-for-profits.

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