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An information session for the 2023 Women in Digital Health Leadership program took place on Wednesday 30 November 2022 with 48 potential candidates joining the live virtual event.

The potential candidates were provided with an overview of the program by Community Engagement Director Kristal Kitto and Program Coaches Eimer Boyle and Natalie Collard.

After the overview and introduction to three mentors for the 2023 program, the floor was open to Q & A where the 2022 participants joined in the conversation and gave a ‘real life’ reflection on their time in the program. Thank you to Ayushi Sinha, Claire Kelly, Melissa Walker, Noushin Nazarian, Renata Danisevska and Rhian Sketcher for joining in and sharing your reflections on the program and where it has taken you to date.

Words of wisdom from the Q and A included that ‘it is a challenge but an amazing opportunity to grow and discover your strengths in leadership’, ‘it is an opportunity to break free from that impostor syndrome’ and ‘you can find your tribe and learn together’.

Melissa Fodera, a 2022 graduate shared her views before the session, stating:

“Firstly, this was a very organised program to learn from expert facilitators, mentors, and peers. The group was so diverse with skills and experiences in digital health, that we all had the opportunity to learn and grow. The course outline was a fine balance of theory and practice of leadership, with the opportunity to share experiences and also have private professional coaching. This course moved me, it changed the way I perceived myself and gave me a greater understanding of the innate strengths I have as a leader. I had the opportunity to meet 26 other very talented women and collectively can influence change as leaders in digital health. We all encouraged each other, shared personal and professional stories and learned from the extremely talented facilitators through a well-designed and structured course.

The Women in Digital Health Leadership program is designed for women working in digital health at all stages in their career.

The program focuses on:

  • Leading self – focused on leadership styles, personal strengths, development gaps and reflections on leadership perspective, potential and empowerment.
  • Leading culture – to build confidence in taking the lead, navigating the digital health ecosystem and having crucial conversations.
  • Leading people – skills to develop teams, cultivating a culture of champions with a focus on strategic decision-making and delegation.

Watch the full session below.

For more information about the program contact Kristal Kitto.

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