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This is a sponsored post by The Clinician

The Clinician Digital care pathways (DCPs) make use of digital technologies to inform, monitor and support patients through their healthcare journeys. In doing so, they present healthcare providers with ways to more deeply understand each patient’s health and deliver more streamlined, proactive, and patient-centric care. They also save time and money.

The Clinician has been supporting healthcare institutions across Australasia to realise these benefits by digitalising their care pathways. Providing a flexible, interoperable and secure digital health platform, The Clinician coordinates each patient’s entire care journey while outside the hospital walls, including the collection and analysis of critical health data (PROMs, PREMs, objective device or wearable data) as well as the delivery of patient communication and multimedia educational content.

If you are interested to learn more about digital care pathways or see The Clinician’s platform in action, find them on the Conference app or visit their booth at the AIDH Summit Series event in Brisbane.

You can also download The Clinician’s eBook about digital care pathways via the link below.

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