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The AIDH-Nursing.Midwifery Community of practice this month focuses on Digital Health Capability. Amongst the confrontational events of bush fires, floods and pandemics, in October 2020 the National Nursing and Midwifery Digital Health Capability Framework (NNMDHCF) was launched. This is an iterative framework. The expectations, knowledge, and skills required to become proficient in digital professionalism, leadership and advocacy, data and information quality, information enabled care, and the appropriate use of technology, take time to accomplish.
Essentially, the NNMDHCF encourages

  • individuals, to identify their current digital health behaviours, skills, knowledge, abilities and provide a pathway toward their professional career development
  • organisations or health services, to develop a stepped process in evaluating and progressing digital health maturity
  • educational facilities, to ensure a pedagogical focus on person-centred digital health whilst reflecting the student learning experience, the partnering healthcare organisation, and accrediting authority needs
  • research through co-design to translate, evaluate, validate, and report success at an individual, organisation, and educational levels.

Members have your say: Log on to the Nurses and Midwives Community of Practice on the Institute Social Link to read more.

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