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In the weeks leading up to our Digital Health Institute Summit we will be speaking with some of our keynote speakers who will share the key themes of their keynotes. We also asked them to share their insights on the challenges and their priority areas in their roles for digital health in 2022.

Our next preview chat is with Orcha Founding CEO, Liz Ashall-Payne whose keynote is ‘Healthcare’s inflection point: Mobile, virtual, decentralised’.

Liz’s career pathway from speech-language pathologist to CEO of Orcha and was inspired by the possibilities of digital health to give millions of people access to health care services.

Frustrated by the restrictions of her personal capacity in the early years of her career, she was inspired by the emerging prospects of the reach of digital health. Her keynote will go deeper into the world of digital health and why, in many areas we are still restricted.

We are at a proper inflection point in how we can use digital health to revolutionise the way we deliver health and care,” she said.

We have huge opportunities, growing numbers of usage and technologies coming on to the market to help people.

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