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Prioritising the patient experience requires a dedicated focus on finding new ways to engage people in their own healthcare journeys and empowering doctors so they can practice the art of medicine. While that concept seems straightforward, the inherent complexities of healthcare regulations and associated administrative burdens often unintentionally hamper that effort. Laptops, keyboards, hundreds of clicks, and minutes of awkward silence – or worse yet, the one-sided conversation while your doctor is intently scrolling through endless screens to adhere to various regulatory mandates – have created a physical, emotional, and mental barrier between patients and clinicians. The result is de-personalised patient experience, clinician burnout, and diminished trust.

The situation is untenable – but fixable. It is up to us, as leaders, technologists, and innovators, to use advancements in AI to design solutions that remove administrative burdens from clinicians, engage patients, and strengthen the doctor-patient relationship”.

Diana Nole is the Executive vice president and general manager of Nuance’s Healthcare division.
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Don’t miss Dr Simon Wallace direct from the UK on 5 Nov 2020, 8:00am for his presentation as part of the Summit’s International Speakers Day program or see him in the Global Speaker Showcase.

More information on Nuance healthcare and Dragon Medical One here.

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