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An update for Institute members and the digital health community

The Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) has been working with the Australian Digital Health Agency (the agency) to develop a process for digital health standards selection for national use and adoption.

A program of consultation was held during August 2020 with targeted industry and key stakeholder sessions coordinated by the AIDH.

Leading healthcare executive Dr Tim Smyth facilitated a webinar for more than 150 attendees with senior representatives from the standards community, the AIDH and the agency.

The agency announced through the webinar that a number of reports related to standards work would be made available. To that end, reports relating to interoperability can now be accessed here on the agency website.

Anyone interested may also view a recording of the webinar.

AIDH Update – Digital Health Standards Selection Process

The Institute worked with the agency mid-year on the development of a draft Standards Selection Process for digital health standards selection for national use and adoption. Consultation was conducted across July-September with key stakeholders, professional bodies, industry and industry representative groups, and the standards community. The main points raised through consultation were around governance and operating models of any future process.

The draft Standard Selection Process was delivered to the agency in October. The forward plans were to test the logic and outcomes of what was delivered and results of the consultation by applying the draft processes to telehealth standards.

The agency has currently engaged PWC to run a project to identify and recommend relevant standards to support telehealth – using the draft process that has been developed for Standards Selection as a guide. It is expected that this project will inform and evolve the draft process through the experience of practical application in regard to telehealth.

Further information on the project from AIDH can be sought from Greg Moran at [email protected] or with the agency on the current telehealth standards project.

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