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IMIA-NI is the international organisation for health and biomedical informatics. The goal of IMIA-NI is to promote collaboration among nurses and others interested in Nursing Informatics in order to advance the field. The special Interest group seeks to share knowledge, experience, and ideas about the practice of Nursing Informatics and the benefits of improved information management with nurses and healthcare providers worldwide.

As the vice-chair of the AIDH-NM CoP and the Australian representative on the IMIA-NI special interest group, I will soon be compiling the AIDH-NM CoP contribution to informatics annual report for 2021-2022. As a member of the AIDH-N.M COP, we invite you to participate by submitting your Nursing and Midwifery Digital Health Informatics accomplishments from the previous year.

Your accomplishments will be acknowledged in the annual report as our Australian contribution to the International Medical Informatics Association: Special Interest Group for Nursing Informatics.

1. Advocacy | Goal: To champion the recognition and growth of the nursing informatics and health informatics profession with professional and governmental organisations.
2. Collaboration | Goal: To promote the collaboration of health Informatics Knowledge and skills across academic, professional, and geographical boundaries.
3. Membership | Goal: To identify and open opportunities for participation in the Association by all members, across all membership categories.
4. Academic and Professional Excellence | Goal: Engage academics and researchers to exchange knowledge and experiences. Enable the next generation of health and biomedical informatics researchers and professionals.

Contact Dr Helen Almond for information.

Thank you in anticipation of your contribution to our ongoing leadership and involvement in the International Medical Informatics Association: Nursing Informatics Special Interest Group.

Dr Helen Almond FAIDH, May 2022

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