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Helping caregivers thrive

In the wake of the pandemic, as hospitals and health systems reevaluate how they support caregiver well-being and work toward their quadruple aim goals, ergonomics remains an important part of the conversation. For healthcare organizations that wish to improve population health, reduce the cost of care and improve the patient experience—those are inextricably tied to improving the caregiver experience.

Many caregivers have long, busy shifts, and workflow improvements can make a difference in their comfort and efficiency. Height-adjustable, ergonomic medical carts or wall-mounted workstations keep caregivers comfortable as they’re documenting and provide the flexibility to work sitting or standing. Accessories placed in easy-to-reach locations prevent additional strain.

Space is often at a premium in hallways, exam rooms and other areas in healthcare environments. Lightweight, nimble medical carts allow for easy movement without putting additional stress or strain on a caregiver’s body. Flexible wall workstations can fold up to open more space when not in use.

Caregivers deal with enough stress in an average day—and that shouldn’t include finding a place to plug in a powered medical cart. With safe and reliable on-cart and hot-swap charging options, dependable power provides caregivers with the reassurance that they can travel wherever they need to go.

With a broad healthcare product portfolio, Ergotron creates solutions that help caregivers thrive. For more information, visit

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