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The convergence of healthcare and technology has revolutionised patient care, bringing unparalleled convenience and efficiency to clinical settings. However, as our reliance on technology deepens, so too does the imperative to recognise that safeguarding patient safety extends beyond traditional measures. Just as we prioritise infection control and medication safety, protecting healthcare data and maintaining robust digital systems must be given equal weight.

Queensland Health, through their digital health strategic vision, has set a strong foundation for digitally enabled healthcare that better connects consumers with their health information and enables them to be a more active partner in their care, unlocks channels for health system access and engagement, supporting better experiences and outcomes, and supports better decision-making and proactive care by providing clinicians meaningful insights.

Building on these strong foundations, Queensland Health’s recently released HEALTHQ32: A vision for Queensland’s health system outlines their commitment to deliver the highest quality care, enabled by technology and innovation. A greater focus on virtual care will transform how and where care is delivered, ensuring Queenslanders receive the right care, at the right time and in the right place. Technology will also support a more informed health system where data, machine learning and artificial intelligence generate insights to enable better patient outcomes. By prioritising integrated and accessible technology, digital health, and analytics, they are working towards delivering the highest quality care to patients regardless of geographic location.

Learn more about Queensland Health’s digital initiatives by visiting the team at the MedInfo 2023 trade exhibition or attending the State of the Nation panel session including Dr Tanya Kelly, acting Deputy Director-General eHealth Queensland.

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