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Predicting which patients may be at risk of being readmitted to hospital, and providing care accordingly, can be a real challenge. So at CSIRO’s Australian e-Health Research Centre, researchers developed a predictive risk stratification algorithm to assess an individual patient’s risk of re-hospitalisation, based on a set of validated clinical parameters.

This algorithm not only provides clinicians with a risk score, but also a list of the top clinical parameters which increase the patient’s risk – enabling more informed decision making.

It’s a useful tool. The challenge was then to find a way to deploy it at scale, so more clinicians could access it.

CSIRO teamed up with Alcidion, an Australian healthcare software company, on a proof of concept project to integrate the Risk of Readmission Algorithm into their Miya Precision Real-Time FHIR platform.

To find out more, head along or tune in to the session FHIR-enabled real time clinical decision support – a proof of concept study in Adelaide on 25 November.

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