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Data is the life blood of our healthcare system. Collected at the point of care it can be used to support patients as well as informing health statistics, funding purposes, improving service delivery and research. When new data come along – such as genomic DNA sequences – consideration for how to best to use that data to improve patient care, health outcomes and system performance is required.

The first day at the HealthData21 conference will focus on how we use genomic data to improve patient health while the focus of the second day will address data use across our health systems.

The Australian e-Health Research Centre, CSIRO’s digital health research program, works with data across the system – from genomic data for diagnosis and treatment, imaging and other biomedical data, data captured in electronic health records and clinical reports and data that is collected with sensors or through mobile devices.

At this year’s HealthData21, we’ll hear from Dr David Hansen, the CEO of the Australian e-Health Research Centre. David will use examples from CSIRO and experience from around the world to talk about what’s happening with the integration of genomics into healthcare.

Dr Sankalp Khanna is a Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO, he will deliver a masterclass entitled Analytics driven healthcare. Predicting patient flow has the potential to elevate healthcare by improving efficiencies across the system. Sankalp will use examples of his work to show how facilities can benefit from this model.

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