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An engagement report informing the proposed model for a Clinical Informatics Fellowship (CIF) Program in Australia was released today, with a commitment to progress the build of a clinical informatics fellowship pathway through 2024.

The report emphasises the importance of establishing a recognised and valued professional trajectory for clinicians and clinical informaticians, fostering the growth of digital health leadership in Australia.

During 2022 and 2023, the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) and the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre (DHCRC) partnered on a project to build a Clinical Informatics Fellowship pathway. The project, funded by DHCRC, explored international models and engaged key stakeholders and experts in the design of a new fellowship pathway for Australia.

The Clinical Informatics Fellowship Stakeholder Engagement Report details the project’s governance, analysis undertaken, stakeholder involvement and consultation, which took place on the project during 2022 and 2023. Stakeholder input was received over 18 months from leadership of AIDH and DHCRC, clinicians, healthcare executives, universities, clinical colleges and associations.  AIDH and DHCRC would like to restate their gratitude for the comprehensive feedback that was contributed by the healthcare community.

The Report summarises stakeholder feedback, illustrating the refinements following consultation, and noting the outstanding matters to be worked through prior to commencement of a pilot of the new fellowship pathway.

“We are delighted to publish the Stakeholder Engagement Report in partnership with DHCRC and inform the broader health community on progress towards our goal of a widely recognised career pathway for emerging leaders in digital health”, said AIDH’s Interim CEO, Mark Nevin FAIDH.

Progressing Work through 2024

The DHCRC and the AIDH are discussing the next stages of the program of work to complete the build of the clinical informatics fellowship pathway and undertake a pilot. The pilot is intended to evaluate the new fellowship pathway and provide insights into further improvements. The pathway will then be officially launched to potential candidates within the digital health community.

Annette Schmiede, CEO of DHCRC said, “We are proud to collaborate with AIDH and support the progression of this ambitious program of work. A clinical informatics pathway, open to all health professions, would be a global first and support the digital transformation of our healthcare system”.

AIDH and DHCRC are committed to ongoing consultation with the digital health community, clinicians, healthcare leaders, universities, clinical colleges and other peak bodies as we advance through the next stage of development of the program.

Notes to Editors

The objectives of CIF Program are to:

  • Establish clinical informatics as an acknowledged and recognised profession in Australia, with international credibility and standing
  • Build and foster a large and diverse workforce of skilled and well-networked clinical informaticians who are included in leadership in the digital transformation of the health and social care sectors
  • Align with AIDH’s Australian Health Informatics Competency Framework (AHICF), which outlines essential domains of expertise and corresponding competencies required for proficiency in health informatics.

The Clinical Informatics Fellowship Stakeholder Engagement Report is available here
Further information about AIDH is available here
Further information about DHCRC is available here

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