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Elsevier has commissioned a new Health Informatics text for Australasia, titled Digital Health, A Workforce Approach 1st edition (working title), to be edited by AIDH fellows – Helen Almond and Carey Mather.

This educational text will focus on enabling students in gaining a comprehensive understanding of digital health. The target audience will be undergraduate, or postgraduate level healthcare professionals, or those professionals upskilling into the field.

Aligned to the National Digital Health Workforce and Education Roadmap and supported by the National Nursing and Midwifery Digital Capabilities Framework (formative to proficient levels); the Digital Health, A Workforce Approach 1st edition will be the first local health informatics title in Australia and New Zealand, reflecting Australasia-specific contexts and supported by evidence-based practice and research.

Digital Health, A Workforce Approach 1st edition will comprise four units: Foundation of Digital Health; Safe, Ethical, and Effective use of Digital Health; Integrated Technologies; and Digital Health Transformation. Each unit will include approximately three chapters. To promote learning, discussion questions, case studies and further reading will be included. Firm details of the contents are yet to be confirmed as the pace of change is rapid.

You may wish to contribute your expertise to the publication and contribute to one or more chapters. If you are interested in being involved and would like to know more details please respond to [email protected] by Friday 26 February 2021.

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