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Moya Conrick Prize

Best presented abstract at the Nursing Informatics Australia Conference

About the award

The Moya Conrick prize is presented in recognition of the valuable health and nursing informatics work by the late Dr Moya Conrick. The prize goes to the best submitted abstract and presentation at the annual Nursing Informatics conference and is based specifically on nursing informatics, including the quality, originality, contributions, subject matter and timeliness of the submission.


All accepted author/s presenting at the NIA conference are eligible. Authors do not need to be members of AIDH’s NIA special interest group to be eligible for the prize.

Selection & review process

Abstracts submitted will be reviewed and judged on the content and writing style as described below. Each abstract shall be rated against each criterion:

  • Relevance and importance (30%)
  • Technical and logical validity (30%)
  • Innovation (30%)
  • Writing style and clarity (10%)
  • Quality of presentation at NIA Conference
Award presentation

The winner(s) will be presented with their award during the closing session of the NIA Conference.

About Moya Conrick

Dr Moya ConrickDr Moya Conrick was one of the founders of health informatics in Australia, a pioneer in nursing informatics and a leader internationally. Moya worked over 25 years as a nurse, midwife and academic. In 1995 she was one of only two Australian experts, and one of only four scholars outside the USA, to receive the HBO Scholars Award. In 2001, she received an award for services to nursing from the Australian College of Nursing.

She was active in promoting information technology as a tool for health and clinical practice, particularly for nurses. Lecturing in Nursing at Griffith since 1992, she instigated the first subject in nursing and health informatics in Queensland and the second in Australia. She continuously taught in that field and convened two health informatics subjects at undergraduate and post-graduate levels.
In 2004, she chaired the National Summit of Nursing Informatics Experts on behalf of the federal Department of Health & Ageing which produced the “Framework for Nursing Informatics in Australia”. This led to her establishing Nursing Informatics Australia, the nursing special interest group of HISA, and becoming its inaugural chair.

Moya served on several government advisory committees including the Australian Health Information Advisory Council advising Australian Health Ministers and as an observer on the HealthConnect Board. She was also a long-standing member of Standards Australia IT14 (Health Informatics) and IT14/2 Health Concept Representation and expert advisor to the International Council of Nurses and the Australian College of Nursing.

Past winners

2019 Leanna Woods, Tasmania
2018 Joanne Reid, Perth
2017 Suki Loe, Perth
2016 Naomi Dobroff, Melbourne
2015 Bernice Redley, Brisbane
2014 Josephine Stevens, Melbourne
2013 Johanna Westbrook, Sydney
2012 Livio Ciacciarelli, Sydney
2011 Susan Moller, Brisbane
2010 Sharon Downman, Cairns

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