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Standards of practice in pharmacy informatics

In its submission the Institute makes a series of recommendations on the standard of practice in pharmacy informatics to the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia’s review of the draft standards.

The Institute’s submission also talks to the need for recognising the unique skill set and knowledge that digital health and health informatics professionals bring to the operation and ongoing transformation of the health sector – including pharmacy, the potential for Institute Fellowship to provide support in standards and career pathways in pharmacy informatics – including its recognition as a specialty area, and the need for alignment of the standard of practice in pharmacy informatics to the Australian Health Informatics Competency Framework (AHICF).


Modernising my health record

In its response to the Department of Health and Aged Care’s consultation on Modernising My Health Record – Sharing pathology and diagnostic imaging reports by default and removing consumer access delays, the Institute’s submission supports the modernisation of My Health Record to enable increased health information available to consumers and their health care professionals by requiring sharing by default for private and public diagnostic providers. The Institutes submission supports that My Health Record has a vital role to play in facilitating these better health outcomes through the near real-time access to information which will enable better informed care, improving continuity of care and facilitating better outcomes

The Institute’s submission also calls for accompanying digital reforms with robust clinical governance, embedding changes through standards, guidelines, training for clinicians and plain-English information resources for consumers.


AIDH Submission to MBA Telehealth Guidelines

In its submission into the Medical Board of Australia’s public consultation on the revised guidelines for telehealth consultations with patients, the Institute makes a series of recommendations for the Medical Board’s consideration, namely that the MBA goes beyond the focus on consultations, which are the only form of healthcare activity in Australia that currently receives financial support under the Medical Benefits Scheme, and start considering virtual care including telehealth as a fundamental principle.

The Institute also addressed the matter of secure data sharing, urging the MBA to explicitly state that practitioners should use technology that adheres to health privacy policies and guidelines.


AIDH 2022 Federal Election Statement

Shifting the dial on Australia’s transition to a digital health future. It’s the right of every Australian to expect a decisive and coherent plan to build the future of Australian health, and healthcare. It’s the right of every Australian to expect a decisive and coherent plan to build the future of Australian health, and healthcare.


Priorities for the 2022-23 Federal Budget

Addressing Australia’s future healthcare challenges. The Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) is pleased to provide input to the Australian Government’s Federal Pre-Budget Consultation process to outline the digital health sector’s priorities
for the 2022-23 federal budget.


MedInfo 2023 International Policy Forum Communique

The International Policy Forum (IPF), held as part of the global digital health and informatics congress, MedInfo 2023, brought together a wide range of senior executives from governments, international VIPs, ministerial delegations, as well as senior representatives from industry and the scientific community.

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